Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Adscan Opportunity

The Liberals are trying to put a postive spin on the Adscam scandal, and to make the opposition party to be the villans
"I hope we're not close to an election because we want the truth and the whole truth in this sponsorship affair and I think if the opposition wants to be opportunistic and prevent people from getting the truth it would be sad," Jean Lapierre said.

If an election happens the Gomery Inquiry will still have results and the people will still get the truth. Contrary to what the Liberals think, there can be truth, without them in power.

If the government is defeated in a vote of non-confidence it will be an opportunity that the Liberals themselves created, the result of a corrupt government. I would hardly call a defeat of the government as being opportunistic.

Paul Martin, himself innocent or guilty, should be judged by the company he keeps.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The world is my ashtray

For this first post, I'll start with something simple. Why do smokers think this world is their ashtray. After the winter melt, the streets are littered with cigarette butts. Smokers think it is nothing to throw their ends on the sidewalk. Cigarette filters are do not easily degrade and will lay around for a long time. The ones on the sidewalk will get picked up by the street cleaner, but many will make their way into the evironment. Apart from all the detrimental effects to the earth, it looks dirty and disgusting.